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Shadle & Sanchez Realty Investments is a comprehensive real estate company that assists buyers, sellers and investors throughout Yuma, AZ, and the surrounding counties by offering a wide variety of services. Shadle & Sanchez specializes and primarily focuses on finding and managing properties for investors in several areas of practice including commercial, industrial, residential and agricultural.

Offering Clients a Personalized Real Estate Solution

We have assembled a team that expertly navigates the real estate market and provides you with the best income-producing property. As a small company, what we lack in size is made up for in our personal and undivided attention. We go beyond the scope of what normal realtors can do for their clients. Our success in finding results means your success for the future.


For more information about us, our services and available listings, please fill out the form below, or contact us by calling our office at (928)920-4326.

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